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Diving in The Azores


The video above was shot by probably the greatest underwater photographer alive today – Nuno Sã

The Official video developed for the Azores Tourism Bureau to promote Scuba Diving in The Azores. The video was mostly shot on a Canon 5DMKIII and 7D by AtlanticRidge Productions.

The Azores is in many people’s opinion truly the only place left on Planet Earth that is as stunningly beautiful underwater as it is on land or from the air. The Azorean islands is an archipelago of 9 islands that continually takes your breath away each and every time you visit.  Every island is totally unique filled with culture, kindness and dreams.

Whether you are a complete beginner looking to take your PADI, an enthusiast or an experienced diver looking to photograph marine wildlife, you must put the Islands of the Azores on the very top of your list.  Diving in the Azores is a lifetime experience that you will never forget.  Imagine this;  there are 27 species of Cetaceans referenced in the Azorean Seas.

You never know you might get the next award winning shot of an Orca “Killer Whale or a Sei Whale (Balaenoptera borealis) – there is only one way to find out, go diving in the Azores!


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