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Beautiful Azores a Zika-Free Travel Destination

Sao Lourenço Bay - Santa Maria - Azores

Azores a Zika-Free Travel Destination

Female travelers, especially of childbearing age, are worried about travelling to areas that they may be exposed to the Zika virus. But hey, don’t let that spoil your summer travel plans.

Try The Beautiful and Affordable Azores a Zika-Free Travel Destination

If you are planning to visit Portugal, consider travelling to the Stunning Archipelago of the Azores made up of nine spectacular islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Every island is different and offers the perfect getaway in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way without spending fortunes on expensive so called eco-resorts. Visit volcanoes, lakes, mountains and Tropical Forests right here in Europe and enjoy, cycling, canoeing, bird watching, guided nature walks, whale watching, diving and beaches.  OH YES BEACHES, on Santa Maria island there are stunning yellow sands beaches and clean crystal clear seas.

The Azores really is a Hidden Gem, a true unspoilt paradise.(Please let’s keep it that way!)


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