Home Information Summer Nights Program August 2015

Summer Nights Program August 2015

Summer Nights Program August 2015

The Summer Nights program continues with music and entertainment throughout the month of August.

Wednesday 12th August:
The Association traditions – Gaita that Berra, giant dance that will provide itinerant animation, at 21:30hrs, to all those that travel to the historic center.

Thursday 13th August:
There will be a concert of the Philharmonic Lira Nossa Senhora da Oliveira, the Faja de Cima, by 21:00hrs at the Town Hall Square.

Friday 14th August:
The children’s entertainment with pogo sticks in Largo da Matrix, at 21:00hrs

The concert Band Our Lady of Health, Arrifes, at 21:00hrs

Saturday 15th August:
The performance of São Vicente Ferreira Sing Group, on Saturday in the Town Hall Square.

Sunday 16th August:
There will be songs to the challenge, the Cantadores Association to the Azores Challenge, the Town Hall Square, from 21:00hrs


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