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Photography is light

Photography is light

Photography Is Light

Without light there wouldn’t be anything to register.

Light is everywhere. There is no light source that can be labeled as “not fit for photography.”

Understanding light and what light can do is often regarded as the first step in becoming a better photographer. I believe that if you start out shooting with the simplest light source, you can improve your photographic skills rapidly.


The best tip I ever received was to learn what my camera could do. Learn where every button and dial was and what each one does. Know it by heart so you never struggle when taking a shot.

When you know what all the little knobs and dials do and where they are, then start shooting with the most amazing light source available “Natural light.” Yep, you got it, it’s called THE SUN!

It’s FREE and everyone can use it!

And don’t be afraid of the harshness of the sun around midday, this can produce some striking results.

Strive to capture and share the beauty of the world around you, just as you see it through your eyes. There can however be a big difference between a good shot and great one.

  • A good photo will stay on your computer and may never be seen again.
  • A great photo will bring the moment back to life every time you or others see it.

Remember, sometimes you only get one chance to make it count.

Work with what you have, don’t ponder about what you left in your bag at home. If you do, you’ll end up carrying around far too much gear and taking a shot will become a full scale expedition including a couple of Sherpas.

For most, photography is a fascinating hobby and passion, enjoying photography should be priority number one.  So begin enjoying even when you are stuck with just a prime lens.  Maybe your creativity will challenge you to be better at what you love!


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