Home Information Developing the market of construction and real estate in Santa Maria

Developing the market of construction and real estate in Santa Maria

Building Azores

João Filipe Figueiredo, is passionate about the island where he lives: the island of Santa Maria. He has created a company “BuildingAzores” dedicated to developing the market of construction and real estate in Santa Maria with a focus on reconstruction and recovery of ruins and the Typical Mariense House.

The Island of Santa Maria has many unique characteristics in the archipelago in historical, natural and cultural terms, a past evolved by insularity and consequent utilization of existing resources on the island.

Some of the traits that mark the uniqueness of typical houses of Santa Maria Island include:

  • the fireplace
  • the oven chimney
  • the local tiles
  • the outer walls constructed in loose stone and clay,
  • the double eaves,
  • the basements ( in slang ,”lojas” )
  • and the white painted houses outlined in the color of the parish

Many of these houses have unfortunately fallen into a state of disrepair and ruin. When we asked João Filipe what he believed the reason for this was he said… “Many years ago a lot of families left the island due to the promise of a better life abroad, the typical homes were waiting for the families to return and carry out the necessary maintenance. This never happened and the properties became ruins.”

It is the recognition of the intrinsic value of Marienses houses as well as the difficulties of some emigrants to manage the reconstruction and maintenance of the houses, that BuildingAzores proposes to raise the Mariense heritage and help the old and new owners in the management and monitoring of their houses with professionalism.

“We believe that the potential of Santa Maria goes beyond its natural beauty , and that may emerge in architectural beauties with unique historical record.”

After completing a degree in Construction Management and a Specialization Course in Construction, João Filipe Figueiredo has developed his skills in the areas of management, direction, and supervision of construction projects.

In 2011 , João Filipe Figueiredo decided to complement and enhance his abilities by attending a course in real estate, accredited by the Institute of Construction and Real Estate. Following this training, he performed general reviews as an Expert Reviewer of Buildings (external consultant) to the Finance Department of the State, in Vila do Porto Council.

Apart from training related to the field of construction and real estate business in 2012 João Filipe took a Masters Degree in Health and Safety at Work to widen the opportunities for work and as a way to implement this in the construction environment.

João Filipe Figueiredo also has a certificate of pedagogical aptitude, being able to provide training in curriculum areas.

This formative background of João Filipe Figueiredo reflects his concern about professionalism and training. He intends to continue investing his time in developing his knowledge and improving the level of professional services offered by BuildingAzores.com to its clients and the market.


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