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Congratulations Vasco Cordeiro

Congratulations Vasco Cordeiro

President Vasco Cordeiro wins with absolute majority!

On Sunday, October 16, 2016 Vasco Cordeiro was re elected The President of the Government of the Azores, winning with an absolute majority, following the regional legislative elections for the new Legislative Assembly.

The polls had projected the Socialist Party (PS) and Vasco Cordeiro as the winner and as predicted he won 43% of votes against the Social Democrat (PSD) opponent, Duarte Freitas, who garnered 30, 89% of votes.

President Vasco Cordeiro won 30 out of a total of 57 parliamentary seats, while Duarte Freitas in opposition, secured 19 parliamentary seats for his party.

The Christian Democrats (CDS-PP) won third place with 4 parliamentary seats. Four additional parliamentary seats were won by three minority parties.

Abstention was estimated at about 59%, of a total of 228.160 registered voters, of which 93.189 voted and 134.971 abstained. In the previous legislative elections (2012) abstention was estimated at about 52 %.

This is now President Cordeiro’s second term as the President of the Government of the Azores. He was first elected on October 14, 2012, with an absolute majority of 49% of votes, replacing the former incumbent Socialist Party Carlos César, after 16 years in office. A change that has proved to be positive and a huge breath of fresh air to the Azores.

President Vasco Cordeiro who is now 43 years old, graduated with a Law Degree from the University of Coimbra, has served as the former Regional Secretary for the Economy, was elected for the Regional Legislative Assembly in 1996, and became the leader of the regional Socialist Party parliamentary delegation. President Vasco Cordeiro was appointed Regional Secretary for Agriculture and Fisheries and Regional Secretary for the Presidency  in 2004) and served as the Regional Secretary for the Economy in 2008.

Congratulations Senhor Presidente



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