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Air service between Bermuda and the Azores

Air service between Bermuda and the Azores
Building ties: Michael Dunkley, the Premier, signs a Memorandum of Understanding with President Vasco Cordeiro of the Azores (Photograph by José Antonio Rodrigues Pgra)

The Bermuda Government will explore the potential of establishing a connecting air service between Bermuda and the Azores.

The announcement was made yesterday by Michael Dunkley in the House of Assembly as he provided information about the trip this month to the Azores by a government delegation.

“We could not help but notice that Azorean Airlines has a direct flight between the Azores and San Francisco,” the Premier said.

“Just imagine if en route to San Francisco that flight stopped over in Bermuda. Many Bermudians and persons with Azorean connections would undoubtedly take advantage of a direct route between our islands. This is an opportunity that we will pursue with Azorean Airlines.”

Mr Dunkley told MPs that the delegation, which included Attorney-General Trevor Moniz, also visited the São Miguel Science and Technology Park.

“A technology park such as this would benefit Bermuda and something that we should aspire to implement,” he said.

“Innovation has the ability to enhance our sustainable development and to provide economic diversification, thereby further enhancing our global competitiveness.”

During the visit, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Bermuda and the Azores to help promote “co-operation and mutual understanding” between the two countries.

The Premier said the agreement would enable the two governments to co-operate in a variety of fields, including cultural and historical as well as marine conservation and sustainable development.

“The Azores is a strong viable partner to Bermuda and a Memorandum of Understanding will only strengthen that special relationship between both communities,” Mr Dunkley said. “Agriculture is a fundamental part of the Azorean economy and we visited a number of agriculture businesses.

“One of these businesses was a tea plantation, which has been in operation since 1883 and takes pride as the only tea plantation in Europe. We had the pleasure to visit a dairy farm, where it was of interest to note the owner maintains tourist accommodation.

“This is just the beginning of an enhanced friendship with the Azores. We have much in common and there are many areas we can share our areas of expertise.”

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